Here we are, about a month and a half after the United States removed its 20-year presence from Afghanistan and the devastating effects of the Taliban takeover are an all-time high. Hundreds of American citizens, Green Cards holders and Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) Afghans are still not able to evacuate due to the dangers and hardships they face. Flights are scarce and extremely expensive. The logistics of any kind of extraction are near impossible. But we, Project Exodus Relief, are not giving up.

“The Taliban have a list of these people, and they’re just going around knocking on door to door to door trying to find them,” Edwards said. “And when they find them, they just execute them on site.” Our Afghan aid group, Project Exodus Relief, is committed to try our best to evacuate even those that are hardest to rescue. Every single success story we get is a big deal. These stories empower us to continue our quest.

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Do you wish you could be a part of something bigger than yourself and really make a difference? Consider giving to a worthy cause. We are 100% a volunteer effort, so all funds go directly toward aid on the ground and rescue efforts. Thank you for your generosity!

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Would you like to help save people from the Taliban’s reign of terror? Donate to support our rescue operations and help save an Afghan life. Your money will support immediate evacuation and keeping refugees fed, watered, and in warm clothes while they await a bird to fly them to safety.”

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