Project Exodus Relief cofounder, Mike Edwards, spoke to Alex Ward with Politico: working to put at-risk Afghans on State Department-sponsored flights out of the country is “almost impossible, like a ghost we can’t get a hold of.” He discusses their rescue efforts for Americans left behind in Afghanistan.

The situation becomes more dire by the day in Afghanistan and we still have American citizens that need to leave the country, but can’t without the State Dept’s help. “Today during a briefing for congressional staffers, State officials said that there are 224 American citizens still in Afghanistan and that about 50 are ‘ready to leave.’” (source)

We will happily collaborate with the US State Department to help with this humanitarian crisis. We want to rescue all American citizens and as many Afghans as we can. But there are many hurdles we need to overcome. Some of the most obvious ones are expanding lily pads and offering more transparency. The US State Department can definitely help with that.

Americans Left Behind In Afghanistan

Some Americans wanting out of Afghanistan not reached by State, 4 groups say

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    They have been trapped in a safe house room all day, every day… for several months. Because to their condition, they are unable to accomplish anything, including work or provide for their families.
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