Project Exodus Relief is determined to help as many AMCITS (American Citizens), Afghan SIV (Special Immigrant Visa) holders and others whose lives are at risk in Afghanistan. American citizens in Afghanistan have a right to go home to the United States, if they so desire. Afghan SIV holders were promised by the United States government that they would also be taken care of.

We have been receiving emails since the Taliban took over and the United States pulled out completely. These emails are filled with cries for help from many, including Afghan SIV holders, such as Imass. We are absolutely brokenhearted about their dire situation and how hard they are fighting to stay alive. 

As we share part of Imass’ story with you, we hope that it will open your eyes to the hardships so many are experiencing in Afghanistan and are in desperate need of rescue. We, Project Exodus Relief, are doing our best to help victims like Imass and his family.

As we share part of Imass' story with you, we hope that it will open your eyes to the hardships so many are experiencing in Afghanistan and are in desperate need of rescue.

Disclaimer: All victim/hero names and some locations have been changed to protect their identity.

Imass’ Story

“I am Imass and for many years, I was an Afghan government advisor and publications administrator. While performing all my duties, I was threatened by Taliban repeatedly of killing me, but I continued my duties as usual, despite death threats.

I was asked by Taliban to help them and give them informations for their evil intentions, but I refused to fulfill their demand, for which they threw hand bombs to my house two times at night and once exploded my home main gate through heavy bombs.

Now, as they have reached our homes, I have left my home with family and hidden somewhere in Afghanistan, and scare of their capturing, so I kindly request you to please help and avacuate us thus save our lives, for which I will be very thankful of you.

I assure you my self and on behalf of my family that we will follow all your country rules and laws and there will be not any kind of threat to your security from us. For any kind of informations regarding my qualifications and jobs, please contact me freely.”

Will you Help?

As you can see, it is difficult to read the stories that victims send us about what they are going through behind enemy lines right now. We want to help them all and we are tirelessly working almost around the clock to find legal and viable solutions to get them out to safety.

But we face many challenges.

As time progresses, more difficulties arise, so time is of the essence. Winter is coming and the winters are brutal and can compare to the winters in northern extremes of the US and at times much more severe. Many people have no money, food, and lack electrical power.

Two of our families have welcomed new babies in this harsh environment, and at least 1 more family has a baby due in less than a month. If significant progress is not made in the next couple of months many will die from starvation and some may even freeze to death.

They desperately need your help and we would certainly love giving you the opportunity to be a part of this project. How? We have a couple of ways in which you can help us.

One is by keeping this important topic in people’s faces. Talk about it, share these stories with friends and family. Don’t let people forget these victims left behind.

Another way is by giving to our efforts. There’s a great way to give.

Help Our Efforts In Afghanistan

Would you like to help save people from the Taliban’s reign of terror? Donate to support our rescue operations and help save an Afghan life. Your money will support immediate evacuation and keeping refugees fed, watered, and in warm clothes while they await a bird to fly them to safety.”

Refugee Relief International

We’ve got merch! Support our rescue efforts in Afghanistan by purchasing some awesome merch!

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We are a volunteer effort, so we don’t touch that money. All funds are used for our rescue efforts.

Some of the things the funds go to are:

  • Chartering airplanes to evacuate people out of Afghanistan
  • Securing plane tickets to fly them from intermediate locations to the United States
  • Pay for food and medicine for those without income and starving
  • Pay for the expenses of our operators on the ground 
  • And things of this sort.

Thank you so much!


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