While much of the world is seeing food shortages, the food situation in Afghanistan has risen to crisis levels. This war-torn country is in much worse shape. The people of Afghanistan had help to meet basic needs for many years. But when we pulled our troops and the Taliban took over, humanitarian aid from around the world stopped coming in. This left a failing infrastructure for everything from fighting hunger to meeting basic medical needs.

The food crisis in Afghanistan is in serious need for attention. About 22 million people or about half of the Afghanistan population are facing life-threatening hunger at a dramatic increase from only 14 million at the beginning of the Taliban take over. About 95 percent of the Afghanistan population is skipping meals in an effort to make do with what they have even if they are not yet starving.

Why is there a hunger crisis in Afghanistan?

Afghanistan has been hit by a heavy drought for many years now and this drought is only getting worse. This is leading to a lack of food grown domestically. With the increase in gas prices, food is marked up even more as it is moved from one area to another. With the Taliban taking over aid from around the world that was once helping to feed the people of Afghanistan has dried up. Leading to a rapidly worsening crisis situation.

Poverty took over most of the country as international trade has come to an end. Jobs are limited, leaving many without the income that is essential to afford the increased prices on the food that is still available. The economy that was struggling before the takeover is only showing signs of worsening. It is leading to starvation and a lack of essential services like schooling and hospitals.

Help the hunger crisis in Afghanistan

The new government of Afghanistan does not have the resources or the willingness to help the people. This means the care of the Afghan people falls to the humanitarian spirit of the rest of the world. While the United States pulled humanitarian funding during the takeover, some funding has been put back onto the table. This is to help aid in providing food, medical care, and education services to the Afghanistan people. The biggest challenge is finding a way to provide these resources without funding falling into the hands of the Taliban.

The United Nations is working hard to obtain the funding needed to help those both inside the country and the refugees that are outside of Afghanistan but the odds of meeting this need are low and without help, there is little to no hope of recovery for these people.

Help Our Efforts In Afghanistan

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