Project Exodus Relief has been working hard with helping American citizens, Afghan allies and at-risk Afghans with evacuations in Afghanistan, but things are at a stand-still. It has been paused for months now and we urgently need things to start moving again.

In the meantime, we are caring for them by putting hundreds in safe houses, feeding them, keeping them warm, providing toiletries and more. If you have a way of contacting your government representatives, including senators and congressmen, please call them and ask them to help our efforts.

Mike spoke with Pastor Dave Scarlett from His Glory TV about this situation and you need to watch this conversation. The biggest thing that we need is to help rescue these Afghan allies and others. The reality is that they are in danger and caring for them won’t work longterm.

His Glory TV

Despite President Biden’s vow to leave no man behind, when the last American plane departed Kabul in August, hundreds of American citizens and thousands of our Afghan allies were left stranded and at the mercy of the Taliban.

Help Our Efforts In Afghanistan

Would you like to help save people from the Taliban’s reign of terror? Donate to support our rescue operations and help save an Afghan life. Your money will support immediate evacuation and keeping refugees fed, watered, and in warm clothes while they await a bird to fly them to safety.”

Refugee Relief International

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